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Number 1 Reason For Parental Lock Out System

A 13 year old boy who became obsessed with surfing the net looking for porn has found himself on the sex offender register. Hmm well son, did no one tell you kiddy porn is wrong?

Want sauce with that?


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Best Excuse Ever

Best excuse ever for why a 13 year old boy stole a AK-47. Hmm, because he was pretty sure his mom wouldn’t buy him one. OK, so how sure are you that your mom will post your bail for grand theft of a firearm, sonny? Evidently the kid swiped  the weapon from house that his mom had worked at as a housekeeper.


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Here Honey, Can You Hold This?

Antwine Bulter better be getting his 13 year old daughter a friggin awesome Christmas present this year after he left her holding 50 bags of crack and bags of marijuana when he spied police at his front door. He took off out the back door as he yelled to his daughter to gather up all the drugs and get rid of them. When police entered with a search warrant she was standing there holding the entire stash. As for daddy dearest, he hasn’t been seen since!


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Just Doing My Job

And the insensitive award of the week goes to the Las Vegas police for handing a jaywalking ticket to the mom of a 13 year old who was being rushed into the operating theater. The girl, who had been placed into an induced coma, had been hit by a car and thrown 125 ft as she tried to keep up with friends as they crossed the street. Takara Davis’ mom was appalled that police would choose that moment to book her daughter and then hand  her the ticket.


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Dribbling Sexual Predator

British detectives are on the lookout for a sexual predator who attacked a 13 year old on Moreton Cross. Here are the three distinct things the girl remembers “The first is that he was wearing a gold watch on his wrist, the second is a green tattoo on his left hand which she believes may have been a frog, and third, the offender dribbled saliva profusely during the attack.” Dribbled profusely? Ewh, shouldn’t be hard to find.


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DUI Dad Busted By His Teenage Son

The latest craze  in the US seems to be for teenagers to ring 911 and dob their dumbass parents into police. Bravo snowflakes. The latest story comes courtesy of a 13 year old Florida kid who rang 911 after fearing he and his 2 year old sibling were going to become roadkill. The boy, who had been in his dad’s car, managed to get out of it long enough to report his dad  drink driving. When police arrived the man, Gary Joe Greer, told them “I’m drunk”. Nice one, that’s a DUI, driving without a licence and child neglect right there!


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