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Octomom on Welfare

She said she would never ever  but Octomom is now on welfare. See ya California tax dollars, Nadya Suleman and her 14 children are now collecting $2,000 a month. Octomom, who famously had IVF and got herself preggers with 8 babies, despite already having 6 children, has even been forced to pull her brood out of private schools.  I’m guessing those naked photos were a fail then? Hmm, unfortunately when all the media attention is gone, you still have 14 mouths to feed. How do the Duggars do it????

Psst Octomom requests that you angry Californians stop sending nasty emails and death threats, thank you.


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From Dream To Nightmare

Leave me alone!!!

What? Seems Octomom is a tad stressed these days juggling 14 children. She told Touch mag “I hate my babies” and “my older six are animals” and the only way to cope is “to lock myself in the bathroom and cry”. Hmm, yeah, cause that will make it all go away! Even worse is the fact that Nadya Suleman has no money. Zip, nada, nil and has no idea how she will pay for food, schooling or the mortgage (hmm, might try American tax payers!). But on the bright side Suleman is considering dating. She claims she has never dated before and has been celibrate for 12 years (that’s right it was a sperm donor she used for her brood). Pity the fool who wants to take on her and the 14  others.


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