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Sweet 16

Mom, do I really have to wear sweaters for the rest of my life?

Three good reasons why a 16 year old should stay away from alcohol

a) A 22 year old man might tattoo your arms and ribcage without permission

B) A 22 year old man might misspell a word he’s illegally tattooed on you

c)  You might not like Juggallo (suppose to be Juggalos), SRH (Support Radical Habits) and CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) permanently etched on your body.

On the bright side the 22 year old has been charged with illegal tattooing, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (the tattoo needle) and providing alcohol to a person under 21.


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Calling Mr Miyagi

Holy Karate Kid 4 Batman. A 16 year old taekwondo black belt wasn’t too happy about losing  a martial arts tournament so after shaking hands with the winner he kicked him in the face, knocking out a few teeth. That could be a life ban right there. Wipe on, wipe off!


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Happy Ever After

Hollywood is all abuzz with the latest creepy nuptials. No silly, not Hugh Hefner, that was so yesterday. No the marriage between Lost star Doug Hutchison  and girlfriend Courtney Stodden. Sheez, haven’t you heard?  Seems people have a problem with him being 51 and her being 16. Oh come on loons, her daddy  gave her consent and anywho, according to her mom “Courtney was a virgin when she married Doug. She is a good Christian girl.”

Psst When she grows up Courtney wants to be a country music singer.


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Gives New Meaning to Little Shit

A 16 year old North Hunterdon High School student is in big doodah after he caused a stink in his mid term exams. The teen allegedly asked to use the bathroom and then shat in a coffee mug with a screw on cap and returned to the classroom then removed the lid. I’d give him a few extra marks for accuracy, do you know how hard it is to poop into a mug?

Want sauce with that?



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Teen On The Ground

Pants on the ground can get you shot. Just ask Kenneth Bonds (45) who used a semiautomatic pistol to shoot at a couple of teens because they refused to pull up their baggy pants. Fortunately for the 17 year old, Bonds missed but the 16 year old wasn’t so lucky….kaboom…right in the butt. There’s an assault charge right there.

Psst Now who’s looking like a fool with their pants on the ground?

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Extreme Break Ins

Lordie, lordie, lordie what evil lurks on our streets? Anna Fancsali and her family were horrified when they arrived home to discover not only was their living room splattered in  blue paint but their poor little white Shih Tzu , Muffin, was too. Vandals had broken into their house and gone wild. Holes were punched into their 46″ TV, the computer monitor smashed to smithereens, pictures slashed and walls dented. Oh and it just gets worse, her bedroom had been egged and dill pickles and olive oil dumped on the floor along with her clothes. Her jewelry box, medication and a few Xbox games belonging to her kids were the only things missing. Down in the basement they had removed all the frozen food from the freezer and thrown it around the house. Ms Fancsali was one of five houses broken into by a 16 year old and his mate (who can’t be named). All the homes were splattered with paint and at several they had pooed on the carpets. At one house they had put the family pet gecko in the microwave and cooked him to a crisp. The 16 year old is well known to police and has a string of priors. Both will be sentenced this week.

Psst Might want to avoid using your toothbrush…I’m just saying!

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One Girls Dream is Another Girls Nightmare

American sailor Abby Sunderland (16), who was attempting to beat Jessica Watson’s record for being the youngest person to sail around the world unassisted, is missing in high seas. Her emergency beacon was manually activated yesterday and there are now grave fears for her safety. A Qantas jet flew out of Perth early this morning to help in the search to locate the yacht which is in the middle of the friggin Southern Indian Ocean battling swells of up to 9m and winds of 90km/h. The family believe her yacht may have flipped upside down.

UPDATE Everyone stop panicking, Abby has made contact and it seems she is OK.

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Way Too Much Time on Their Hands

Did you hear something?

OK, here’s the thing, Wakayam police officers, hiding in a closet for 6 days to bust a teen for stealing 862 yen is probably not the best use of your time, especially as it was in coins! Two officers spent every evening from 5pm-8pm for 6 days  hiding in an elderly man’s wardrobe after he complained that his wallet had been stolen twice from his home by the same little shit. Imagine the 16 year old’s surprise when they burst out of the closet! How’s that for effective policing?


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