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Home Alone

You plan an overseas trip with your step children but their new passports don’t arrive on time…what do you do? Hmm, you leave them home and go on the trip yourself right? Hmm, not when they are only 4 and 6 you don’t. A Western Australia woman has been arrested at the airport after she left the little kiddies to fend for themselves while she went to Bali. Oh and yes the children’s father was overseas as well. The children were distraught when discovered. The step mother is taking no responsibility but is  instead throwing the post office under the bus for not delivering the kiddies passports on time. It’s just one big mess.


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Rock N Roll

A potential neighbour’s nightmare in a few years….

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Honey, I Dropped the Kid

Oh for crying out loud. A woman decided to dangle her two year old kid over the cheetah enclosure at a Cleveland zoo (what could possibly go wrong?). Whoopsie…he slipped. The child kaboomed 12ft to the bottom of the pit where the cheetahs just stared. Meanwhile, the horrified parents did the super hero act by jumping in for a rescue. In a kind “what now” scenerio the family waited to be rescued by head shaking staff. Zoo officials said the cheetahs didn’t attack because the whole episode scared the bejezzus out of them.


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McDonald’s Child Chewing Used Condom Update

At ease parents, a group of schoolgirls have come forward to claim responsibility for the condom at the Geraldton McDonalds store which saw a two year old girl pick it up at the play area and start chewing on it.  Initially it was thought to be a used condom but the girls have admitted they had filled it with ice cream and left it in the cubby. Phew!


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The Worst Fast Food Story You Are Going To Hear All Day

That's no Happy Meal!

Ewh, ewh, ewh, a 2 year old girl at a Geraldton Maccas  in Western Australia allegedly walked in from the playground chewing on a used condom. Her horrified father grabbed the child and washed her hands and mouth with soap (dear god, not in those toilets and not with their soap, she might catch som….ah never mind!!!). Evidently when he expressed his disgust to a junior manager he was told it was the second condom found in the playground that day. Sheez, it’s enough to put you off your fries. And why was a 2 year old left unsupervised in the playground again?

Want sauce with that? Hmm, I didn’t think so!


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And You Think You Have Problems

Meet Ardi Rizal, a 2 year old from Sumatra who has a 2 packet a day smoking habit. Daddy dearest got him smoking at 18 months and now he is addicted. Yul Brenner would have a fit!


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Bad Parenting 101

Well, the NRA will be well pleased. A Phoenix woman tried to swap her two year old daughter for a gun. Tanya Nareau told the man he would probably do a better job of raising the girl than she would and besides she was prohibited by law from owning a gun so it was  pretty much a win/win deal. Oh well that’s a unlawful sale of a child charge, which probably means she will be prohibited from owning a kid too now!

Psst Geez, I hope it was a really nice firearm at least!


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Toddler Escapes Jail

Officer, could you talk to her after her nap?

Officer, could you talk to her after her nap?

Nanny State police say they had no choice but to investigate an attack on a car despite the perpetrator being 2 years old. The neighbors had rung police complaining that the toddler had deliberately hit their car with a tree branch. Even though the police from Trowbridge listed the girl as a suspect she was too young to be interviewed, let alone charged. That should look good on her resume!

Psst Come on people, toddlers can do marvels with a sharp stick or a key!


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