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Holy Grail of Western Americana

You go to an antique store and you see a 1870s tintype photo you quite like, so you hand over your two bucks and head off home. Later as you carefully scour your purchase and think…sheez, those people in the photo could be… nah….. could they? Well, they were. The $2 photo shows Billy the Kid and members of his gang playing croquet at a friend’s wedding. The $2 photo is now estimated to be worth $5 million and is considered to be the “Holy Grail of Western Americana”.

PSST I’m wondering if that was his favourite cardy?

Want source with that?


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Catholic Church Cleaning Up Its Act

priestPraise the Lord. Pope Francis is thinking about lifting the Catholic celibacy law to allow priests to marry. This comes on the back of the announcement that 2% of those in the church, including priests, bishops and cardinals are pedophiles.


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