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Gramps Gets Caught With $2.9 Million Worth Of Cocaine

Oi,oi,oi, Leo Sharp is 87 years old and in really big trouble. He has been caught hauling 114 bricks of cocaine (valued at nearly $3 million) around in his car when he was stopped by police for a driving offense. Mr Sharp, from Indiana, began telling the magistrate he was forced by gunpoint to drive the stash but was stopped by his lawyer before he could say another word.


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Everyone’s A Friggin Critic

Oh dear god, locals near the Iowa/Nebraska border are still friggin bitching about the new $3 million public art installation “Odyssey” on the 24th Street interchange on Interstate Highway 29/80. Motorists are complaining the Freddy Kruger hands are  so terrifyingly distracting they are finding it hard to concentrate (yep, there has been some rear ending!), thus the nickname “Nightmare on 24th Street”.  The abstract work by renowned international sculptor Albert Paley has also been described as “Edward Scissorbridge”, “Gateway to Disaster” and a ” pile of junk”. Any thoughts …


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Christmas Cake Alert

Look away Susi Spice, look away. British researchers predict that 10 million people will attempt to make their own Christmas cake this year, but 3 million will mess up so badly they’ll be forced to chuck, bury or bin it (or in Susi’s case give it to someone!) because it will be inedible. The increase in people wanting to master the kitchen utensils and bake Chrissy cakes is being blamed on  those friggin cooking shows. Yes, I’m talking about you Nigella! So do yourself and every friggin one a favor, drop the dream and just toddle to the store and buy one.


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UC Berkeley are paying a consultant $3 million to find new ways to save  money for the university.


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