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Sad or Creepy?

That’s my boy!!

Everyday for the past 30 years, four months and eleven days, Mike Geraci from Portsmouth has hand written his mother a letter to tell her how much he loves her. He has been doing this since he was 19, after his mother nearly died when she was hit by a drunk driver on Christmas night, 1981. Attention Nicholas Sparks, Nicholas Spark, to the front counter please!


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Destiny, Fate or Just Plain Creepy?

Sheez, why does that name sound familiar?

OMG, when Richard Morwood and Mandy English began dating recently they had no idea they had already made a connection some 30 years prior. When Mandy was 13 she chucked a “message in a bottle” into the sea during a school excursion to Scotland and guess what? Yep, it was Richard who found it. Inside the bottle was a note requesting whoever found it to be her pen pal. Richard, on the insistence of his mother, sent a postcard back to Mandy but she never responded. Mandy recently discovered the postcard and was shocked to realize her current boyfriend had the same name. When quizzed Richard admitted it was he who had sent the card.


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I Told You I Was Friggin Innocent

Imagine being sentenced to 75 years behind bars for rape and robbery. Imagine spending 30 of those 75 years in prison before you finally get parole. Imagine a week after you become a free man the DNA results come back exonerating you of the crime. Cornelius Dupree Jr (51) knows the feeling, he has spent more than half his life incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. During his time in prison he continually tried to appeal the sentence but the Court of Criminal Appeals turned him down three times. Since 2001 there have been 21 DNA exonerations in Dallas.

Psst How do you give a man back 30 years? No amount of reparations can bring back those years.


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Thank Goodness For The Innocence Project

Innocent I say, innocent!

OK, for the good news…three men who served 30 years for rape and murder in a Mississippi prison have had their convictions quashed after DNA proved they were innocent. Bad news, one of the men died eight years ago in prison. Bobby Dixon, Phillip Bivens and Larry Ruffin (deceased) were sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of Eva Gail Patterson in 1979.This year the Innocence Project filed a petition on behalf of the men to have new DNA tests done and viola, it wasn’t them. The two are now free, but probably really pissed off, men. OK, want to hear the good news/bad news part, DNA matched another man, Andrew Harris, who is serving a life sentence for a 1981 rape in another Mississippi prison.

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So That’s Why The Toilet Seat Was Never Up!!!!

Whoopsie. When Japanese officials went to congrats Sogen kato the oldest man in Tokyo on his 111th birthday, they found a mummified body lying in bed. OMG and whats more, he’d been dead for 30 years. Hmm, seems his family had been covering up the fact that he had keeled so they could collect his pension payments. The relis had said Kato had confined himself to his room for 30 odd years after becoming a “living Buddha” but in reality he was dead in bed with his undies and pjs on.


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It Took 30 Years to Have An Accident

Very sorry!

Very sorry!

Only in Japan does it take nearly 30 years to realize that two traffic signals at a T junction have simultaneously been turning green for about seven seconds at a time . Yes, that’s right people 30 years. Hmm, seems a programming error was to blame for this “accident waiting to happen” but nobody seemed to have noticed (gosh, they are so polite).Hmm, that was until recently when that  accident did happen and the drivers both claimed to have had green lights. When authorities investigated the accident it was found that they were right, no one had checked the programming since they were installed in 1980.  Get this, the police have admitted the error was entirely due to their negligence. Not only that ,they have apologized to the drivers, compensated them for the FULL cost of damage to both cars and have removed one of the signals. That is more news worthy than the friggin green lights debacle!


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