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Give The Woman A Kiss

Helen Staudinger was arrested in Florida yesterday after she fired at her neighbor who had refused to give her a kiss, she is 92. Seems Dwight Bettner (53) was not willing to pucker up to the elderly woman, who has a big crush on him. Ms Staudinger has been obsessed with Mr Bettner since he moved into the neighborhood six months ago and had even tried to strangle a woman she thought was having an affair with him.The recent incident happened after Ms Staudinger went to speak to Mr Bettner and an argument ensued after he refused to give her a kiss, so she then stomped off and got her .380 semi-automatic handgun and fired at his house.


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Lucky It Missed

Man accidentally shoots himself in the buttAnd the winner of the “ah crap, I just shot myself “award goes to Fort Myers man, Timothy Allen Davis, who successfully shot himself in the butt with a .380 semi automatic handgun. Ouch. Hmm, as he was pulling a shirt out of his drawer the gun flipped up and into the air before landing and firing. Everything was going just fine until his sister told him there was blood pouring out of his pants. Fail!

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