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An Appalling Act

Yesterday a fire ripped through Quakers Hill nursing home in Sydney, which was home to over 88 residents, most of which suffer from dementia. Firefighters describe it as their “worst nightmare” as they crawled through smoke filled halls rescuing the patients. What made the situation even more challenging was the fact that many of these elderly people were frail, bedridden and bewildered. The streets were lined with beds and ambulance as they ferried the survives to numerous hospitals around the area. Five people so far have died but the death toll is expected to rise as 12 are in a critical condition suffering burns and smoke inhalation. Today a 35 year old registered nurse, Roger Dean, has been charged with 4 counts of murder, after allegedly deliberately lighting the fire.

Psst A special mention should be made to the two young police officers who were the first to arrive on the scene. They rushed into the burning building without any protective clothing or breathing equipment to help rescue victims. Nearby neighbours also jumped fences and helped fire crews pull out the elderly. Take a bow, heroes.


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