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Adding Salt To The Wound

jail-5Um, yeah about your four months in jail…we bad? An Aussie man jailed for four months after being caught with crystal meth has been released with no charge after it was discovered the “drug” was actually Epsom salt. Well, they took there sweet time having it analysed, now didn’t they?

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So That’s Where It Went

Yep, there it is!

Oh for the love of god can someone keep an eye on the huge friggin swab when doing a hysterectomy op, thanks! Sheez, is that too much to ask?  Poor Susan Misiewicz had the tea-towel sized swab left wrapped around her bowel for 4 friggin months after a routine hysterectomy. It was only after a hell of a lot of pain and a CT scan that medical staff  realized what was wrong. Now she has not only lost a section of her bowel but is fighting a big wall of bureaucracy to get compensation. Three cheers for the British health system.

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Merry Christmas!!!

Who the hell farted?

What’s worse than 33 men being trapped in a copper and gold mine, 688m underground? Being told it may take 4 months to dig them out!! OMG, Chilean authorities believe the men may have to sit tight until friggin Christmas as they drill a 27″ shaft through solid rock to reach them. Anyone for cards?

Psst I hope no one snores!!!


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