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Get Flushed

Let this be a lesson. A 4 year old kid was made to unclog the school loo with his bare hands by his kindy teacher after she accused him of using too much paper for his 1s and 2s. Harsh. The mother , who as a tad irate, said her son hadn’t even washed his hands after the incident .


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A Girl’s Gotta Do, What a Girl’s Gotta Do

You wake up at 3am and are desperate for a slushie, what do you do? Hmm, well if you are 4 year old Annabella, you don on your purple raincoat, unlock the back-door and hop on a Philadelphia bus straight to the nearest shop. Fortunately the bus driver was astute enough to realise she was way too young to be out at that time of the morning and contacted police. And no, she never did get that slushie.


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Well That Takes The Cake

My bad?

My bad?

OMG, a four year old has been banned from a doughnut shop in Connecticut because …wait for it… he asked a random woman if she had a “baby in her belly?” Awks. Seems she was just fat. The mother of the precious little snowflake said the next time they went to the shop the manager told her her child was not welcome because he was “rude”. Oh for crying out loud, when I was a little loon I asked a man at a restuarant why didn’t he have any hair!


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You Just Can’t Win

runningWhat is the world coming to? Evidently a court-appointed psychiatrist told a judge during a custody hearing that a man was an unfit parent because …wait for it …he refused to take his son to McDonald’s. Evidently his 4 year old chucked a hissing fit during a visitation when he was told he could go to any restaurant except Maccas for dinner. When the snowflake refused all other options, he was put to bed without dinner. As a result he was deemed unfit and is now Mcsuing.

Want sauce with that?


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Shouldn’t Have Told Him How To Get To Sesame Street

This story was brought to you by the Charleston police and the letters WTF. Composer Fernando Rivas, who won two Grammys for his work on Sesame street, has been arrested on child pornography charges, after police found disturbing photos of a naked 4 year old girl restrained in handcuffs “and other bondage-type devices” in his house. The musician, who also taught music  at a local school, admitted he took the photos and then emailed them on to two other creeps but is pleading not guilty to the charges.

Want sauce with that?

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Holy Big Lebowski Batman, who would throw a friggin bowling ball from an overpass? Some fool did in Checotah, Oklahoma, and nearly wiping out a four year old. The bowling bowl crashed into the windshield of a truck and  sprayed glass all over little Clyde Odom. Hmm, maybe someone got confused with car and bowling lanes?


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Father Waterboards His Daughter

US soldier Joshua Tabor decided that if waterboarding was good enough for terrorists it was good enough for his 4 year old daughter. Yes, the soldier, who became enraged that his child couldn’t recite her ABCs, submerged her face in water over three times . He told police he did it because he knew she was terrified of water. Hmm another poster boy for bad parenting.

Psst Might want to add ABCs to her fears!


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Little Boy Spits The Dummy

I am totally over them!

And the cutest 911 call you’ll hear all day, if you could understand Italian, goes to a little boy who rang the police to say he would like to hand over his dummies because he thought he was too old to need them anymore. Yes, the little Italian snowflake who was turning 4 said to the dispatcher “I’m old enough now so you can have my dummies.” Good to their word two officers visited the boy during his birthday party and traded him a souvenir hat for his four old pacifiers. Bless, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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High Powered Friggin Assault Rifles

OMG, four year old Marquel Peters was killed on New Years eve by a stray bullet which was believed to have been fired from an AK-47 assault rifle several miles away. Shocking. The little boy was playing a video game in church  in Georgia when he suddenly collapsed at his parents feet. Authorities believe the bullet came through the roof of the church and struck Marquel in the head. Initially no one had a clue what had happened until they saw blood pouring from the poor little boy’s wound. The gunman has yet to be located.

Psst Why on earth do people need friggin high powered assault weapons?


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Daddy Daycare

Hopefully she will sleep it off!

Oh look, she's sleeping....or overdosing!

OK here’s the thing drug dealer, don’t be telling your 4 year old that the cocaine that you hid in his pocket is candy or he will hand it out to his mates at school, trust me! Shaheed Wright was pretty sure the cops were onto him, so as a precaution he hid bags of cocaine in his son’s jacket. When his son toddled off to daycare he gleefully handed out the bags of white powder to his friends telling them it was candy.Whoopsie daisy. One girl ate hers. She was rushed to hospital. Mr Wright is now facing a string of charges and some major whip-assing from his son’s mom!


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