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Who killed the great publicist of Hollywood?

Five bullets to chest sounds more like a movie script than the way one of Hollywood’s top publicists met her demise. Ronni Chasen had just left the premier and after party of Cher and Christina Aguilera’s movie Burlesque when she was gunned down while driving her Merc through Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Chasen had promoted the Oscar winning films Driving Miss Daisy and  On Golden Pond and her clients included Janet Jackson, Diane Warren, Irwin Winkler and Richard Zanuck.

UPDATE : It seems Ms Chasen suspected she was being followed as early as March (following the Oscars). She told friends she was scared but didn’t have a clue why she was being targeted. Hmm, Oscars you say? Didn’t Cameron lose to his ex twice? Hmm!

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Clark Cabbie Kent

Only a flesh wound!

Look up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a Chicago cabbie. Despite being shot 5 times, a Chicago cabbie has managed to pin down the alleged perpetrator until police arrived. The cab driver was shot in the left side of his neck, right side of his neck, back portion of his neck, in his lower lip , and his back by his passenger who intended to rob him. Unfortunately the shooter didn’t know who he was messing with because before he could say bippity boppity boo the cabbie had jumped into the back seat of the taxi and laid on top of him. The cabbie remains in a critical condition.


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