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He’s Safe and Warm

OK, here’s the thing Larry Long, when you spend the weekend getting drunk and high, don’t be putting your 5 week old son in the oven and then leave him in it overnight. Hmm, I guess we should be grateful you left the door ajar and didn’t turn the friggin thing on, but dude? The following morning when he traced the babies cries to the oven he rang a Tennessee Mental Health Crisis line and told them what he had done. OK, I know what you are all thinking, what about the baby’s mom? Well she had taken 4-5 shots of whiskey the night before and had gone to bed, oblivious to bub’s dilemma.


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Spaghetti Western!

Woman banned from taking baby to a r-rated movieAnna Straker thought she would go check out a movie at the local cinema in Blenheim,New Zealand. She picked the Kate Winslet award winning movie “The Reader” and bought herself a ticket.Hmm, not so fast missy, not with your 5 week old baby you don’t. Oh dear, it seems no one under the age of 16 is allowed to view an R rated movie and I mean no one…NO exceptions. The staff refused her entry to the movie but instead suggested she might consider taking her baby to watch the latest Terminator film!


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