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Monk Charged With Smoking

Smoking.....and you?

Whatever you do DON’T SMOKE in Bhutan. A Buddhist monk has become the first person to be charged with smoking, under the country’s new strict anti smoking laws. That’s five years right there monk! The weeny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is on a mission to make their nation smoke free, believing it to be bad karma. In 2005 the sale of tobacco was totally banned, however people are allowed to import up to 200 cigs a month as long as they smoke them in private. Unfortunately the monk was caught with 72 packets of chewing tobacco.

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Defiance Gets You 5 Years

Sheez, remember the computer technician who programmed all the printers in the Attorney General’s office to spew out thousands of racial fliers calling for the death of brown and Middle Eastern people? No? Well anywho, a judge has just sentenced him to 5 years jail. Yes, you heard me 5 friggin years. Seems Carl Hreha Jr. pissed off the judge with his refusal to admit to the crime despite the overwhelming evidence against him. The rogue program placed in the 20 printers churned out the fliers for hours. In a confession, to which he later said was coerced, he told police he did it to embarrass his boss for discriminating against him (a young white man).

Psst 5 years? Where I come from you are lucky to get that for murder!


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