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Home Alone

You plan an overseas trip with your step children but their new passports don’t arrive on time…what do you do? Hmm, you leave them home and go on the trip yourself right? Hmm, not when they are only 4 and 6 you don’t. A Western Australia woman has been arrested at the airport after she left the little kiddies to fend for themselves while she went to Bali. Oh and yes the children’s father was overseas as well. The children were distraught when discovered. The step mother is taking no responsibility but is  instead throwing the post office under the bus for not delivering the kiddies passports on time. It’s just one big mess.


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Well Son, That’s Mommy and Daddy’s Toy

LaughOh dear, that’s awkward. A six year old German boy who was playing in his parent’s bedroom accidentally got stuck in their furry handcuffs. Unfortunately, no one could find the key so mum and granny had to escort the young fella to the police station where they had them off in a jiffy. Hmm, I’m guessing there would have been much banter and giggles around a few dinner tables that night.


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Craigslist Babysitter Fail

OK, one more time people, do not and I repeat do not, get a male babysitter you found on Craigslist to go anywhere near your kids, (including a 6 year old girl) unless he has a friggin police clearance, legitimate references you can phone and a damn good reason why at 32 he wants to babysit kids!!!! Urgh, Steven Knox allegedly sexually assaulted the 6 year old girl at his home (WTF?..at HIS home??????). Seriously people!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Ears To You

Don't look down!

Ewh, ouchie, ouch, ouch. A six year old is lucky to be alive thanks to his ears. Ming Ming was attempting to squeeze through the window bars of his family’s eight story apartment when he slipped. Thanks to his ears he was left dangling by his head which was wedged between the two bars. Neighbors who heard the boys terrifying screams were horrified when they looked up to see the boy hanging by his head. Emergency services used a hydraulic pressure expander to pry open the bars and release the little snowflake.


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School sends 6 Year Old To Mental Facility

Be a good girl for daddy!

How do you solve a problem like Haley? Well putting in her in handcuffs and sending her to a mental facility probably isn’t the best solution. Haley Franklin is a 6 years old student from Parkway Elementary (Florida) who can be a tad disruptive, OK, a lot, but handcuffing her because she wouldn’t calm down…hmm. Anywho, after a recent tantrum the school whipped out the old “involuntary Baker Act” card and had her carted off to a mental institution. Bless. Haley claims the reason she loses it is because she is teased continually and called “spitball”because she sprays when she talks.

Psst Hmm, me thinks there is far more to this story!


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Don’t Tell Harry Connick Jr

6 year old accused of being racistOh dear, six year old Sharona Gower has been accused of being racist after she told a black girl she had “chocolate on her face”. The incident happened after Sharona had just finished eating chocolate mousse and began playing with a friend. Somewhere along the way she ended up being chased by two 11 year olds. One of the girls, who was black, told Sharona she had chocolate of her face to which Sharona replied ‘Well, you’ve got chocolate on yours.’ Ewh, ouch. Next thing she knows the girls have dobbed her in for being racist and she is in big doo dah.


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Hey Mommy, Guess What Daddy Let Me Do?

Man tow his son with his truck on a sled in busy trafficOK, so you want to be a cool dad, but no, don’t tow your 6 year old on a sledge behind your 4×4 pick-up on a friggin busy main road. Simon Lewington thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for his son when he saw Leicestershire was covered in 10 inches of snow.He grabbed his sled, tied it to the back of his pick up and took his son for a spin. Witnesses reported seeing cars  swerving to avoid colliding with the child as he slid from side to side. Police were horrified when they too witnessed the duo slide past, totally oblivious to the dangers . In his defence Mr Lewington’s lawyer  said ‘The son was wearing a helmet, goggles and gloves and my client did not drive above 8mph.’ Hmm, yeah but what speeds were the other cars going?

Psst Click here for full story and photo.


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