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Christchurch Earthquake Leaves A City Devastated

Breaking News – Another earthquake has shaken Christchurch in New Zealand. The 6.3 magnitude hit at around 1pm causing severe damage. There are reports that there are multiple fatalities with many trapped under collapsed buildings. Two buses are believed to have been crushed and aftershocks are making it difficult for rescue workers to get to the trapped. The city has run out of ambulances and other cities are currently clearing hospitals to accommodate the injured. Thoughts and prays go out to all in Christchurch.

UPDATE : 65 people confirmed dead and rising.

Psst If you have family and friends in the area, the government has requested you  TEXT not ring them. Over 80% of telecommunications are down.


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Wedding Fail

Holy mud brick house Batman. Over 65 people have died during a wedding in a remote area of Afghanistan after the top floor of a mud brick house collapsed. Most of the dead were women and children. The provincial Governor said “People don’t build such strong houses as they do in the city,” Hmm, no shit Sherlock!  I’m guessing the honeymoon is pretty much over!

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