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I Don’t Like Munday

Forget teacher’s pet, a 6th grader has admitted to poisoning his teacher using chemicals from a science kit. Joan Munday became violently ill after downing potentially lethal sodium carbonate in her spiked tea. When the Plumb Creek Elementary School teacher failed to show the next day, students told staff of the plot. The 12 year old has been charged with assault and is currently being held in juvy.

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Your Kid’s a Loser

OK, here’s the thing North Carolina teacher, writing “-20% for being a loser” on a 6th grade girl’s assignment is going to get you in a lotta trouble, trust me. Rex Roland, from Enka Middle School, opened up a whole can of whoopass for himself after writing “loser” on the student’s paper not just once but several times during the year. Despite some parents saying it is simply his way of teaching, the mom of the little girl say it’s bullying. Mr Roland said he was joking.


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