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If You Go into the Woods Today

Yellow-RibbonPlease make sure you don’t misbehave or your parents might just boot you out of the car and leave you in a bear infested forest. A Japanese family are distraught after they punished their 7 year old for throwing stones at cars and people by kicking him out of their car on a mountain road. Despite returning after a short time the boy was nowhere to be found. It has been three days and still no sign of him. Search parties are worried that he may have been taken by a bear, picked up by strangers or has succumbed to the harsh conditions. Its a lose/lose for the parents. If anything has happened to him they will never forgive themselves and if he is found alive they will spend their lives making it up to him.

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Christmas is Ruined

15358_10151362248031240_1214846754_nWhen your elf falls from the shelf there is only one thing you can do…. dial 911 of course. The 7 year old was playing around in the house with a ball when it hit the elf and he plummeted to the ground.  As little children know, it is forbidden to touch an elf, or the Christmas magic will leave the home so she called the cops for assistance. Unfortunately, the whole incident escalated when the police arrived at the door, despite her pleas not to tell her parents, and found the girl in hysterics believing she wouldn’t get anything for Christmas. Hmm, first world problems.


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Human Magnet

A Siberian boy is claiming to be magnetic, anything and everything sticks to him…pots, pans, plates, knives, forks,remotes, you name, it  sticks. Bogdan’s parents say he was born with magnetic powers and doctors are at a loss to explain why he  so attractive. Hmm, well maybe when the 7 year old grows up he can get a job at the airport

Psst You may not know this but I have a similar affliction, except I attract psychos!


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Feud From Hell

Move over “lady throwing cat into a wheelie bin” we have a new winner for Hate Club. Introducing Scott and Jennifer Petkov from Michigan, now deemed the most heartless couple in the US. This despicable hubby and wife team have been taunting the family of a 7 year old who is dying of Huntington’s disease. And when I say “taunting” I mean “friggin taunting”. Firstly, they posted a photograph of the terminally ill schoolgirl, Kathleen Edwards, on Facebook with a set of crossbones. Then they posted a photo of Kathleen’s mom, who also died of the disease last year, in the arms of the grim reaper. Oh no, it gets worse. It is alleged, when the girls mom died, the Petkovs drove their truck, which has “death Machine” written on it and a coffin attached, down the street honking the horn. The feud between the Petkovs and the Edwards has been going now for 2 years. The reason? Because the Petkov kids were not invited to  Kathleen’s birthday party put on by Kathleen’s grandmother Rebecca Rose. Urgh, when Jennifer Petkov was asked why she escalated the feud she said ‘personal satisfaction’ and ‘because it burns Rebecca Rose’s ass raw.’

Psst No guessing who’s going to hell in  handbag!


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Friggin Suicide Jumpers

The price you have to pay for landing on a 7 year old girl in a failed suicide attempt is 100,000 roubles it seems. A Russian court has ordered a man, who jumped from a 9th storey window and landed on the little girl, to pay for her medical bills. She was in hospital for months after she had the misfortune of standing on the street below when he leaped.


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Children Do The Darndest Things

She nearly became one of these!

She nearly became one of these!

Yes officer, we have one little girl stuck in a cardboard tube, help! A 7 year old girl from Arkansas found the best hiding spot ever for a game of hide-and-seek at the St John’s Episcopal Day School, a cardboard tube. The only prob was she got herself stuck in it. After a desperate attempt to unwedge the poor mite the school eventually rang the Harrison firefighters. When cooking oil failed to slide her out, they had no choice but to go for the cordless saw and bolt cutters. The little girl was eventually freed and the world continued to turn.

Psst Why didn’t they just soak it in water?


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Honey Where’s Our Car?

You are 7 years old and don’t want to go to church, what do you do? Steal your dad’s car of course. Bless, the seven year old was so determined not to attend the Sunday sermon he took off in his dad’s Dodge. The kid reportedly ran a few stop signs and swerved all over the road at 45mph (because his feet could hardly reach the accelerator) with the cops in hot pursuit. He eventually made it home and went running into his house to hide. Of course I have footage of the little devil in action…


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