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Booby Trap Fail

OMG, when you booby trap your own home it’s wise to remember.  Jos Potvin (75) died after he forgot he had rigged a rifle to a string that ran across the floor of his bedroom. Quebec police believe he triggered the trap when he got up to make himself a meal. The poor man had been terrified of being burgled and rigged up the trap to blow the shit out of would-be thieves.


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Man With Walker Robs Bank

Oh my, you know the economy really sucks when a 75 year old man with a walker holds up a bank in Canada  and tries to make a slow but steady getaway. After telling staff he had a weapon they handed over some cash and let him go on his merry way. Police picked him up about 45 minutes later still trying to make his getaway in the same mall strip where the bank was located.


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Bomb Joke Backfired

Sheez, I was kidding!!!!

Hey psst Draco Slaughter, if you haven’t heard already, Homeland Security don’t have a sense of humor.The 75 year old is in big trouble after he told a flight attendant in New York he had a bomb in his carry-on luggage. Despite saying he was kidding he was arrested and now faces charges which could have him spending his twilight years behind bars. Bummer!


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