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Old Dog Day Afternoon

Oh for crying out loud mister, why would you bother robbing a bank in Switzerland at 80? Seriously, just go home, put your feet up and leave it to the young and dumb. The masked geriatric made his getaway on foot but was soon apprehended. I feel I need to slap my forehead.


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Don’t Let Granny Go Skydiving

People, don’t let your 80 year old granny go skydiving (unless you are clearly stipulated in her will). Laverne got cold feet just before she jumped so her instructor gave her a nudge and her harness slipped …… arhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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Honey, Can You Come Here For A Minute

Whoops, call it shock but Michiko Sato (23) is in big trouble after she drove home with the body of an 80 year old pedestrian stuck in her car windscreen. It is believed Sato hit the woman (killing her) while out driving in the early hours of the morning but friggin freaked when she realized the elderly woman was wedged in the windscreen so just drove home . It was her boyfriend who finally called police after presumably thinking WTF. She now faces 17 years in jail.


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Take That Sonny!

My bad?

My bad?

Don’t be messing with an 80 year old Philly resident if you know what’s good for ya. Scott.T.Loher had only just been released from jail when he decided to steal an elderly man’s car. Only problem was, elderly man wasn’t about to let him have his keys. Despite Loher smashing the man in the face elderly man managed one nice kick to Loher’s balls (yep, bulleye) making him run away in extreme pain. Loher was later picked up by police walking rather tentatively down the street. Joseph Knox from the Warrington police said “He just got out and he needed a ride home and apparently he didn’t want to wait,”. Another fine example of generation Y.


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