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From The Comfort of Her Own Home

I was supplementing my income, damn you!

Oh for crying out loud granny, shouldn’t you be knitting or something? 88 year old Ola Mae Agee has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after she was busted selling crack cocaine to an undercover cop from her Florida home. Ms Agee, who has a long history of dealing, had the stash hidden down the back of her couch in her living room.


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Granny Kicks Pumpkin Head in The Balls


If you waltz into 88 year old Kathryn Byassee’s Kentucky home without so much as a hello, expect a kick in the balls. When Ms Byassee walked into her kitchen at 5 am she was confronted by an intruder wearing a pumpkin mask. As he wrestled her into the bedroom and tried to smother her with a pillow she gave him one almighty kick in the crotch. That’s a monster mash right there! Police are now looking for a seriously embarrassed pumpkin with a limp.


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Elderly Man Pirates Avatar For His Wife

Oh how sweet, the elderly man wearing large glasses and using a walking stick, who was caught video taping Avatar in a US cinema, told police he was filming it for his wife. The 88 year old said she was unable to make the movies so he was recording it for her to watch later. Police deleted the movie before allowing him back to finish watch the movie. Sound like a crabby old fart we know, right Mr Mills?


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