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Portland Police Under Review

naked-womanDon’t mess with Portland police, missy. A 9 year old was handcuffed, taken into custody,  fingerprinted and mugshotted while still dressed in her wet bathing suit after getting into a catfight a week earlier. The girl was at home with her parent when the cops came a knocking. She was charged with assault, after allegedly smashing another girl’s head into a wall. The charges were later dropped but her mother brought up the incident to the police review panel.

Want sauce with that?


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I Just Wanted To Know How It Felt

The last thing you would be wondering when you are fifteen is what it feels like to kill, right?  Evidently not for Alyssa Bustamante, she’s pleaded guilty to murdering her 9 year old neighbor Elizabeth Olten in 2009. Bustamante from Missouri strangled, stabbed and then cut the girl’s throat because she wanted to know how it felt. She told the judge yesterday she was knew what she was doing when she murdered Elizabeth. Hmm, that was pretty evident by the fact Bustamante had dug a grave  a week before the killing, in preparation.

Psst If Bustamante hadn’t pleaded guilty and the case went to trial she could have been facing life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted. This way she is facing 10-30 or life with the possibility of parole.


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One Good Reason Why Children Should Have A Bath

You know what I hate? When your methylamphetamine lab explodes while your 9 year old is having a bath 2m away. I really friggin hate that.Two people from Maddington in Perth have been charged with using their home as a friggin drug lab while the child, who miraculously escaped serious injuries, was taken into the care of the  Department of Child Protection.This is the 60th drug lab discovered in Western Australia this year. See kiddies how important is to have a bath!!!


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Friggin Appalling

Introducing the scum of the earth. A Sydney woman has pleaded guilty to having sex with her 9 year old son and then allegedly posting video of it on the internet. The hubby has also been accused of having sexual intercourse with him but is yet to face court. How do you sentence people like this?

Psst I hope there is someone out there who can give that child the love and nurturing he deserves but I suspect the community will be paying the price for this.


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Buzz Off


A 9 year old boy known only as DY from Surabaya in Indonesia has been acquitted by a court of “tormenting” a female classmate after he put a bee on her desk and it stung her on the cheek. Hmm, next time the boy  might think long and hard  about picking on the Commissioner of police’s daughter! When dismissing the case the judge said it was just ordinary “naughty” behavior and it should have been handled by the parents. Hallelujah a judge with common sense!

Psst Whew, imagine how many years he would have got if he was found guilty!


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Honey It’s For You

Revenge ad placed on craigslistWhat’s a mother to do when her little snowflake gets into an argument with her classmate? Hell, post a sexually suggestive ad on craigslist urging men to call the little classmate and hope for the best, that’s what! Margery Tannenbaum (who is a social worker) is accused of placing a revenge ad on the popular online classified service using the 9 year old’s real name and phone number after her daughter got into a fight. Well, that will teach her! The parents were horrified when sleazy men began ringing asking to talk to their daughter!

Psst Ms Tannenbaum maintains she is innocent.


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