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Step away from the plates

Step away from the plates

A 90 year old man and two pastors have been arrested in Florida for ….wait for it … feeding the homeless. God bless their cotton picking socks. Arnold Abbott and his mates are facing a $500 fine and up to 2 months in jail for preparing meals and distributing them in a park. He told the news reporters ‘These are the poorest of the poor, they have nothing, they don’t have a roof over their heads. How do you turn them away?’ The new law  was introduced last week.

Psst Hmm, ironic isn’t it, if the homeless committed crimes they would get three meals a day, a nice warm bed and TV.


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Whitney Tribute By 90 Year Old

One of Whitney Houston’s oldest fans posted a tribute to the singer on Youtube.  This 90 year old is legally blind and very hard of hearing but just loves to dance.  You go girl.



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Bill Leahy The Sit Down Comedian

Bill Leahy is following his dreams. All his life he has craved attention and dreamed of breaking into showbiz. So finally at the age of 90, Mr Leahy has scored his first gig as a stand up comedian. OK, he calls himself a sit down comedian because he’s too old to stand but Mr Leahy was the opening act at the Palace Theater in Eastwood and kept the audience of 500 (mainly senior cits) laughing in their seats.

This clip is a joke told he told at his 90th birthday party…

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It Must Have Been The Sherry In The Trifle, Officer

Oh dear, a 90 year old woman has been caught drink driving in NSW. She recorded a 0.230 during a random breath test and was promptly arrested. Sheez, might want to lay off the sherry gran!

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Old Dog, New Tricks

Need for speed

OK, here’s the thing 90 year old hoon, driving 20km/h over the speed limit is one thing but blowing 0.112 (twice the legal limit) is quite another. The twilight year old Victorian man has  been stripped of his license and will now  have to catch public transport or bum lifts. Unlucky.

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