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Hello Is That 911?

Man arrested after ringing 911 over orange juiceRaibin Raof Osman was rightly peeved when Maccas failed to place an orange juice in his drive-through order. In theory a crime had been committed, he paid for it, it wasn’t there…theft! Osman, who copped a serving from his family, went back to the McDonalds to retreive the orange juice, only to be laughed at by the drive through attendant (hate that).So of course Osman rings 911.They too weren’t impressed (though refrained from laughing)  with his plight, telling him the number was for emergencies only. What is a frustrated Osman to do? Block the friggin drive thru, that’s what. Enter police. Oh people, give him his friggin orange juice already!Depsite the officers trying to explain, Mr Osman insisted it was a ‘freedom of speech’ issue. Well, whatever it was, it got him a night in jail and a court date. Lovin it!


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