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Smart Thinking

When you are on holidays in the UK and get trapped by the incoming sea while photographing sea anemones and you don’t know Britain’s emergency help number, what do you do people, what do you do? Well, if you’re American marine biologist Liz Francis you ring 911 in the US and get the dispatcher to put you through to the UK police who then organized a rescue team. Ta-da!

Psst OK US dispatchers, expect to be getting a  bucket load of  nuisance calls from overseas now!


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Burning Jesus 911 Calls

Ok, a little follow up to my story about the King of Kings statue getting struck by lightening. We now have the 911 calls. The dispatcher laughs when told Jesus’s arm is on fire. Hmm, might be going to hell for that one!


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Dumbass 911 Caller of The Week

Man rings 911 to report marijuana stolenAnd yes, we have a dumbass 911 caller of the week. The winner goes to Calvin Hoover, who in his infinite wisdom, rang 911 to report his marijuana stash having been stolen. An angry Mr Hoover told the dispatcher someone had broken into his truck, stolen his jacket, $400 in cash and his weed.Police were called out but failed to find him. Fast forward an hour later. Mr Hoover once again rang 911 , but this time he was hell mad that police weren’t trying hard enough to find the people who nicked his weed. Ah needless to say he was later picked up by officers and charged him with driving under the influence of intoxicants. All’s well that ends well!


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Stop Looking We Found Him!

Firefighters run over injured manWhen the St Petersburg firefighters received the 911 call that a man was bleeding from the face near the fire station, the boys were quick to jump into Rescue 5, open the doors and throw on the emergency lights, to attend the scene. But as they drove out they heard a “thump”. Whoopsie daisy, stop looking, they found the injured man…under their truck! Yep, they ran him over. The man was later identified as Ted Allen Lenox a homeless guy who had been laying on the pavement outside the garage doors. Obviously the 911 dispatcher didn’t give a very good description of the injured man’s location! Fail!


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