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Tiptoe Through The Nursing Home

elderly man 3Oh for pluck sake, a 97 year old man was found living in a homeless shelter after being booted from his retirement home for playing the ukulele. The ex merchant marine said “Management continually suppressed my talents,” But don’t fret loons, he is now safe and sound in a new nursing home after the good people of Napa raised money for him and his ukulele.

Psst Be grateful he doesn’t play the drums

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Bags The Back Seat

Ok, living in a car because you are homeless is bad enough, living in your car with your two sons because you are homeless even worse, living in a car when you are 97 and your sons are 60 and 62, disgraceful. Bessie Mae Berger and her two sons live in a rusty 1973  Chevrolet Suburban which they park on a busy street in LA. They spend most of their time in parks and wash up in a  local shopping center. Hmm, they live mostly on Bessie’s $375 monthly Social Security check, Larry’s (one son) $300 food stamp allocation and Charlie’s (the other son) $637 disability payments which they collect from the Westside Center for Independent Living. They say it is hard to find housing because they don’t want to be split up.

Psst At least Bessie Mae gets the front seat. Ah, you want to read the full story you can find it in the LA Times.


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