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Anyone Missing A Boeing 737?

Conspiracy Theorists don your deerstalkers we have a mystery. Seems there is a Boeing 737 plane sitting in a gated and guarded property on the Bukit Penisula in Bali, Indonesia. No one seems to know how it got there or even when. It is in a little quarry just minding its own beeswax. Thought loons?


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CoffinAttention good folk of Wisconsin, anyone missing a coffin? Seems it was found abandoned along a highway. Nope, no scratch marks on the inside, so we can count out a zombie. Anyone?


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Family Affair

embarrassedEgads, couple Adriana and Leandro, who had both been abandoned as babies, decided to each look for their birth mothers only to discover ….. you guessed it ….same mother. Oh no, brother and sis. The couple discovered the bizarre and creepy truth after the wife appeared on local radio requesting help to find her long lost mother. After tracking her down the radio station interviewed the pair and that is when her mother revealed she had also abandoned a son Leandro. Well that’s just awks. The couple have a six year old child together.

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No Win

wolf in sheepsA couple in Bearman country have skedaddled after dropping their 9 year old adoptive son (whom they have had since he was 3 months old) at the Butler County Children Services offices. Evidently, the child’s behavior has put them at wit’s end. The child is prone to angry outbursts and has threaten to stab the family to death.  They are currently on the run with their two other children. Why, oh why, haven’t child services helped these people, instead of creating fugitives out of frustrated parents?


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Baby Found In Sewer Pipe

Of all the most disturbing things I have read over the years, this one pretty much takes the cake. Some lowlife parents of a newborn baby flushed him down a toilet because they didn’t want him. Fortunately residents in the apartment building reported the sound of a baby crying in a sewer pipe and called authorities. The baby was eventually extracted from the 4 inch wide pipe and remains in a stable condition despite being covered in crap. No word on who the parents are.

Psst China


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It’s A Friggin Mystery

I found this scary abandoned bike seat at the back of my house the other day (face down by the way). I gotta ask, what happened to the baby?

What happened to the baby?


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Honey, I Told You It Was A Pup

You find a sick seal pup on a beach in England while taking a walk, what do you do? Hmm, Sling it over your shoulder, place it in the passenger seat of your car, drive it home, plonk it in the bath and try and feed it a can of tin salmon, that’s what. Oh yeah and then ring Sea Life Sanctuary who pick it up, put it in intensive care in the hope they can bring it back to health.


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Ghost Boat Ends Up In Spain

Hello, this is Spain, I hear you lost a pleasure boat? In 2008, Scott Douglas and his brother in law were enjoying a fishing trip off the the coast of Nantucket when a massive storm blew in. The pair eventually had to abandon the 26ft Queen Bee and swim for their lives to shore. Enter 2012. Spanish officials have found the now barnacle and rust covered craft 20 miles off the coast of Spain. Wow, that was some trans Atlantic drift. Unfortunately ,as Mr Douglas has already received an insurance payout for his AWOL craft, technically the boat belongs to Spain. Enjoy!

Psst The journey saw Queen Bee pass New England, Canada, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, across the northern Atlantic, Greenland, Ireland before making a right down the European coast to Spain. Hmm, I bet the guys wished they stayed on the boat during the storm now!!!


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Siku The Cutest Abandoned Polar Bear Ever

The cutest abandoned Danish polar bear you will see all day. Is he drunk, for crying out loud?


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Hey, Remember The Time We Went To Caesarland?

Kid? That's right, our friggin kid, doh!

Picture this, you are a three year old and your parents have just treated you to a birthday party at Caesarland in Warren with pizza, presents and friends when all of a sudden everyone’s gone except you. No worries, they’ll be back right? Nope. 8 o’clock ticks by, then 8.30, 9.00pm not a sign of them. 36 friggin hours later the father rocks up at Caesarland looking for him, like it’s a friggin child care center! He soon learns his child is safe and sound in the custody of Child Protective Services. Excuse I hear you say? OK, here goes…father thought mother had picked him up (they are separated but live in the same apartment complex) and mother thought he or his grandmother had taken him. Happy birthday kid, your parents might be getting themselves an abandonment charge to remember it by.


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