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Thanks Google Maps

Chinese man abducted as child finds parents using google mapsA Chinese man who had been abducted 23 years ago has located his real family by using Google Maps. Luo Gang, who was grabbed near his school at the age of 5,  could only remember that the town where he had lived had two bridges so he went searching on Google maps.  He found an area in Sichuan’s Linshui county and contacted a missing children’s website. As luck would have it, they had info on a couple who had lost their son 23 years ago and they were soon reunited. Dear god, doesn’t every friggin town in China have two bridges?


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Job Opportunity Has Just Become Available In Guadalupe

The successful applicant must be able to work on their own and under pressure, preferably single with no ties, have a good grasp of the Spanish language and have a healthy love of the “element of surprise”. Reason?  The only cop (a woman) left in the town of Guadalupe has been abducted by Mexican gunmen believed to be part of a drug cartel. Erika Gandara (28), who was the only one left standing after all the other town’s police either quit, fled or were killed, was abducted after her house was set on fire and her cars torched by about 10 friggin gunmen. Sheez, not even her AR-15 rifle could save her. I’m guessing  the 9,000 residents are now probably packing their daks! The Sinaloa and Juarez drug cartels are fighting for stragetic positions on a key highway used to smuggle drugs into the US and are bumping off anyone who gets in their way eg Police.

Psst Is it me or is this drug cartel war sounding more and more  like a Tarantino plot line?


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Mayor Today Murdered Tomorrow

Being a mayor in Mexico is a friggin thankless job, just ask the people in Santiago who found the body of Edelmiro Cavazos (the mayor). Cavazos was abducted at gunpoint by 15 armed men, bundled into a car and murdered before  his body was dumped along the side of the road. I’m guessing Mr Cavazos should never have tried to weed out corruption in the local police force.

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Does it matter which Jeff Muller?

Here’s the thing people, it is OK to stun gun a man, kidnap him and then drive him 1,200 miles IF you have abducted the right friggin person. OK, not OK, but for goodness sakes you would think one of the three men who kidnapped New Jersey pet store owner Jeff Muller would have had a clue. Hmm, seems not. Douglas Stangeland,Lonnie Swarnes, and Andrew Wadel are all accused of first degree kidnapping after shooting Muller with a stun gun and then abducting him outside his shop.  Fortunately the men had a little car trouble and Muller made a valiant attempt to escape and in doing so was spotted by a convenience store clerk who rang the cops. It was later learned that the kidnappers didn’t have the right Jeff Muller. Imposter 1 , dumbassed kidnappers 0.


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