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Vegemite is What?

OK, Vegemite is a LOT of things but I think you are clutching the cray cray straw if you believe it is racist…disgusting and gross yes, but racists nope. Get off the kool-aid…it is yeast extract and now owned by an American company.


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Hey Julia, Want Ya Shoe Back?

If it wasn’t embarrassing enough that Australia’s Prime Minister was humiliatingly dragged from an Australia Day awards ceremony due to Aboriginals behaving badly yesterday. The protestors are now threatening to put the shoe she lost in the tussle on eBay. Activist Pat Eatock who is in possession of the size 36 blue heel said “She can’t have it, this is going on eBay,” she said. “We are going to see if we can get some money for the (tent) embassy.” In typical double standards, authorities say they will not lay any charges on the aborigines who terrorized people (including the PM and the opposition leader) gathered in The Lobby restaurant.  Pathetic. “White” man moons the Queen and he’s treated like a friggin criminal. How can we call this country a democracy when we kowtow to minorities in so called “fear” of being called racist.

Psst Tent embassy is an area in Canberra that for 40 years has been occupied by Aboriginals protesting land rights.


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Why Indigenous Australians Believe It’s A Basic Human Right Too

See, even the indigenous have got their priorities right….


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A Law Unto Themselves

Well, well, well, isn’t this a conundrum. Two Aboriginal brothers Lenny and John Hopiga,who beat up two white fishermen, are claiming they were protecting their land under traditional law. The two anglers, Graham Lynn and Peter Yip, were simply looking for a place to fish when they were assaulted by the brothers with a wooden club. The Kimberley Land Council who are defending the brothers are claiming under “Exclusive Possession Native Title” they have the rights to protect their land from trespassers by using reasonable force if they see fit. Hmm, the brothers claim if they didn’t defend the sacred site they feared retribution from the spirits. Shame all Australians don’t have the same laws apply when people trespass on their property!!!!

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Give Me Back My Cardigan

OK people, I have thought long and hard about posting this video, basically because I think it’s appalling on so many levels. How it managed to get on YouTube’s featured section is beyond me. What do you think?

Psst Language alert!!!

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Strip Show On Uluru

No honey, no.Stripping off on top of Uluru, Australia’s most sacred rock, and doing a friggin dance as a “tribute” to Aborigines and their culture aint going win them over. Hmm, you are more likely to get the bone pointed at ya. Alizee Sery, a French exotic dancer, told reporters after her impromptu strip show “What we need to remember is that traditionally, the Aboriginal people were living naked. So stripping down was a return to what it was like.” Oh dear god, SHUT UP.

Psst Thank goodness she wasn’t playing a didgeridoo !

UPDATE : The Central Land Council, who represent the traditional owners of Uluru, want Julia Gillard to deport  Sery. Hmm,  fat chance of that considering all the illegals we  are greeting with wide open arms!


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