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Man Dies After Rescuers Drop Car On Him

Oh my. A motorcyclist died in New York after rescuers accidentally dropped the car he was pinned under back down on him. A witness said the car had been lifted about 4ft (1.2m) in the air by cops and firefighters when it slipped and dropped back down. They must feel awful.

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Not The Easiest Accident To Pull Off

Not sure how this works but some dude in Florida shot himself in the back. Hmm, maybe he used his gun to scratch an itch! When Orlando police found the man he told them he had accidentally shot himself with his pistol. I don’t think they believed his story because crime scene investigators were called in.

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You’ve Been Skunk’d!

Oh for crying out loud Daniel McDaniels, how did you manage to shoot yourself in the face trying to kill a skunk? Easy it seems. When loading a .22 caliber rifle make sure it isn’t already loaded because if you accidentally pull the trigger…. kaboom! McDaniels 0, skunk 1.


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Darn Sight Better Than Junk Food

Easy mistake

OMG, say it aint so, a volunteer at a CLEARWATER (hello, Lynn) food bank in Florida, gave a can labeled “Senior Holistic Superfood” to a elderly man, not realizing it was friggin dog food. Whoops, my bad? The volunteer handed the can, which read  “glucosamine, beta carotene, vitamins and anti-oxidants for sharp vision, strong Immune System, joint health.” to retired Air Force veteran Frank Viscido after he asked for healthy products to eat.Hmm, might have been wiser to have read the front label first which said for “healthy skin and coat”!


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Dog Saves Himself

Well, well, well, who’s  clever boy then? A Labrador named Max who was accidentally left in a car in soaring heat in Pennsylvania was rescued after he kept honking the horn. The owner, who forgot Max was still in the car after unloading packages , went to investigate the honking  and discovered her pooch sitting in the driver’s seat with his paw on the horn.


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Don’t Clean Your Gun On a Street

You know what I hate? When you are a security guard cleaning your gun outside a bank and you accidentally shoot a pedestrian. I really friggin hate that! Bappa Das was the unlucky fellow who received a blast to the gut after the bungling guard, Rabin Biswas, accidentally pulled the trigger. While Mr Das lay in a pool of blood, Biswas was left fending off a mob who chased him after he fled. Don’t you just love India?

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It Was Just Bad Luck

So then what's that?

So how much is a kidney worth? Seems $5,000 because that is how much Dr Bernard Zaragoza was fined for accidentally removing a patient’s kidney instead of his gallbladder. OK people, sure the patient’s anatomy was all friggin messed up and his kidney was where his gallbladder should have been  but don’t they look different? Anywho, the Florida Board of Medicine panel decided the situation was pretty much “bad luck” rather than intentional and gave him a slap on the wallet wrist, so to speak.

The patient died three weeks later from heart failure.

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A Little More Than Just Sand In Your Face!

It's OK mister, I'll get you out!

OK, here’s the thing Mr policeman in your SUV, when you are responding to an emergency on the beach, be on the look out for sunbathers lying in  lounge chairs. Marshall Starkman was squished into the sand and left with tire marks on his back after officer Paul Demarco accidentally ran over him as he raced to help a surfer in distress. The SUV squashed him so far into the sand the chair almost disappeared. Mr Starkman is in hospital with a fractured spine and a broken rib. The dangers of sunbathing I guess!

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Police Academy 9

This cop thing is kinda dangerous!

OK, here’s the thing Robert Stewart, when you are performing a gun demonstration in front of police recruits it’s best if you don’t accidentally shoot yourself in the thigh, it gives them the wrong impression! The police academy instructor was demonstrating a 9mm Smith & Wesson when kaboom, right in the thigh.


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