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Best Christmas Lights EVER!!!!

An Aussie dude has created the best Christmas lights display, synced to AC/DC Thunderstruck … and some other dude in the US too.

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Sharks Are Bogans

That's what I think of Bieber!

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but evidently great white sharks love AC/DC. They especially love You Shook Me All Night Long according to a tourism operator Matt Waller, who runs Adventure Bay Charter. He uses AC/DC songs to attract the sharks for his cage-diving business. Hmm, are you sure it isn’t the nice juicy tourist floating in a flimsy cage that isn’t attracting them?

Psst OK, that’s all fine and dandy but I want to know what music scares the friggin things AWAY!!!!


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Highway To Hell Alright!

No Ukrainian musicians, no! ACDC will bitch slap you all to kingdom come!


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They Shook Me All Night Long

It isn’t often I say this but last night I saw the best concert ever and I mean ever. ACfrigginDC. Yes, I channeled my inner bogan and went and saw their last concert of the Aussie tour. Unfrigginbelievable is the only word I have to describe it. Did I happen to mention I am not a AC/DC fan in the slightest and would struggle to name 5 songs. Just the mere thought of having to spend 3 hours in a mosh pit with AC/DC fans was enough to make me think of joining a nunnery but I digress. From the moment the support acts slinked off stage and the crowd switched on their flashing red horns the stadium became electric. Then it all went black and the rumble of a locomotive shook the stage. Relentless. For two hours the band just rocked and rolled. Both Brian and Angus ran around stage like children whose mom had forgotten to give them Ritalin. Angus did everything bar making his fingers bleed to squeeze every last note from his Gibson. During the song “Jack” cameras cut to the crowd for the Jerry Springer highlight as woman of all ages jumped on shoulders and flashed their you know whats to the roar of the crowd. I of course refrained from such behavior as I have a reputation to uphold! A locomotive, cannons, explosions, a massive blow up Rosie, an Angus striptease, fireworks and then all went quiet. I had just witnessed one of the most amazing events in my life. Consummate professionals.

Angus Young


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Mosh Pit To Hell

OMG, a quadriplegic man has been impaled after his electric wheelchair was catapulted into a mosh pit at a ACDC concert in Queensland.Witnesses say one of his friends accidentally knocked the joystick of his motorized wheelchair sending him crashing more than a metre down into the pit. As he crash landed a metal stick he used to pick up things embedded in his eye. No, there was no front barrier between the wheelchair podium and the mosh pit.


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