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Jilted Stalker

Jilted stalker puts acid in woman's shoesLadies, you might want to think twice about rejecting the advances of a work colleague. Take the tragic case of a Japanese man absolutely obsessed with a woman at work. He stalked, and stalked her to no avail. So, in the end, when he realised his advances were futile, he did what any crazy obsessed nutter does,  he poured hydrofluoric acid into her shoes. Egads, ouchy ouch. The poor girl ended up having the tips of her toes amputated, which makes wearing shoes near impossible. Anywho, he got 7 years, she got no toes. All around a lose/lose.



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Don’t Mess With The Bolshoi Ballet

Director of Boshoi Ballet has acid thrown in faceOh dear, a massive inhouse bitch fight at the Bolshoi Ballet has left the artistic director with serious burns to his face and may lose his sight. After weeks of personal harassment, Sergei Filin had acid thrown over him as his left his apartment building on Thursday night. Seems there has been serious infighting amongst dancers , managers and directors since Filin was given the prestigious position 2 years ago but it had escalated in the past few weeks. Nutcracker indeed.

Want sauce with that?


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An Eye For An Eye Justice

OK loons, if your ex lover threw acid in your face, leaving you blind and disfigured, would you do the same back to him/her if you were given the opportunity? Hmm, well an Iranian court has done just that. Ameneh Bahrami, who is now blind and still extremely peeved has won the right to pour acid into the eyes of her attacker, Majid Movahedi.  Movahedi had stalked the then Tehran University student after she jilted him, before eventually throwing sulphuric acid  in her face as she waited for a bus. He was thrown in jail while Ameneh underwent 19 operations. However when the court awarded her compensation she refused, instead wanting Movahedi to endure the same fate as herself. Tomorrow he will be taken to a hospital, put under anesthetic while Ameneh injects twenty drops of acid into each eye.   Despite death threats and community backlash Ameneh says “I’m very happy. After six years I’m getting justice.”


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One Way To Get Attention

Anyone remember Bethany Storro the woman who claimed a black woman threw acid in her face outside a Starbucks? No? Come on she was scheduled to appear on Oprah, you must know her,she’s the one with the severe burns to her face. Oh well anywho, seems like she’s been fibbing. No one threw acid at her, she did it herself.I know, that’s friggins stupid! . But evidently after all the worldwide attention her story attracted she has confessed that her injuries were self inflicted. Sheez!


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Swine Flu is Discriminatory?



Malaysian doctor Dr. V. M. Palaniappan believes he has a sure fire way to avoid the swine flu, quit the masturbation and homosexual activities people. You heard him, quit it! The good doc says these types of activities cause the body to develop friction heat, which in turn produces acid that can make the body hyperacidised. And hyperacidiation is bad, plays havoc with your  immune system and therefore makes your body more susceptible to H1N1 infection.OK, I know what you’re thinking, wouldn’t heterosexual sex have the same result. Nope, according to the good doc that is safe! Hmm, obviously it doesn’t cause enough “friction heat”. Oh but boys and girls who are in the high risk category, that’s the masturbators and the gays, Dr Palaniappan recommends coconut water as a way to prevent acidity. Good to know!

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