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An animal activist was beaten by a duck at a Spanish festival after he yelled at a participant.  The festival sees ducks thrown into the sea and then people swim out to rescue them. Mayor is considering cancelling the event.


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Never Trust A North Korean Defector

We know nothing

Well, well, Well, Kim Jong Il, seems your dastardly plan has failed. A North Korean defector, now believed to be a sleeper for the nasty regime, has been caught carrying a poison tipped needle believed to be intended for South Korean activist Park Sang-hak. You remember Sang-hak, he’s the dude that flies unmanned balloons across the North Korean border each year dropping thousands of leaflets criticizing Kim Jong Il’s regime. Evidently the defector, only known as An,  set up a meeting with Mr Sang-hak but Sang-hak was wise enough to inform National Intelligence Service who said no friggin way. In a sting operation, reminiscent of an 80’s movie, An was  found with the deadly device on him. What a prick!


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No Justice For Anti- Crime Crusader

OMG, Mexican anti-crime crusader Marisela Escobedo Ortiz has been gunned down while holding a vigil outside the Governor’s office in Chihuahua . Ortiz had waged a 2 year war against Sergio Barraza who allegedly killed, dismembered and burned her daughter Rubi Frayre Escobedo. However three judges controversially ordered the release of Barraza due to lack of evidence (they were later suspended). Ortiz was outside the governor’s office holding a vigil when masked men pulled up and exchanged words. Ortiz fled across the street but a gunman chased her and shot her in the head. It is alleged the gunman was none other than Barraza.

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