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RIP James Gandolfini

The actor James Gandolfini who played hitman Tony Soprano in the TV show The Sopranos has died in Italy at the age of 51.



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RIP Alex Karras

Actor and NFL great Alex Karras  passed away this morning. Karras played for the Detroit Lions before heading to Hollywood. He’s probably best known as the lovable father to Webster in the 1980s sitcom which also starred his wife. He also played Mongo in the movie “Blazing Saddles”. Karras was 77.


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Green Mile Actor Dies

Michael Clarke Duncan the 6ft 5″ actor who was nominated for best supporting actor in the Stephen King movie The Green Mile has died following a heart attack in July.  Duncan was only 54.


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Irony Of The Week

Actor Fred Willard, who was caught doing a Peewee Herman in an adult movie theater yesterday, has a new film about to be released, and believe it or not, it’s called “The Yank”.  Hmm, seems the sequel was released first ..Yank 2


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Will Harry Potter Actor Get Fan Mail in Prison?

Harry Potter fans, you might want to look away. Jamie Waylett who played Vincent Crabbe in the Potter movies has been given a two year sentence for participating in last year’s British riots. Not only was he caught looting, he had a Molotov cocktail in his possession. Bet he wished he had stolen Harry’s invisible cloak first!!!



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Actor Turned Rapist Now Suspected Murderer

Remember Dr Evil’s henchman Random Task in Austin Powers? No? Well the Asian actor who played him was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for the 1990 gang rape of a woman after he was linked via DNA. Anywho, seems Joe Son is now suspected of murdering his “sex offender” cellmate . Hmm, should have stuck with acting!

Psst During the rape trial the prosecutor told the court Son was sadist who took pleasure in terrifying his victim.

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RIP Peter Falk

Peter Falk, the actor who played the squinting, rumpled raincoat wearing detective Columbo, has died. Despite losing an eye at the age of three, due to cancer,  Falk had a successful career in TV and film. His film credits included It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Robin and the Seven Hoods, The Great Race, Luv, Castle Keep, The Cheap Detective, The Brinks Job, The In-Laws and The Princess Bride. However, it was his 30 year run  playing detective Columbo in the tv series of the same name for which he will best be remembered.  Peter Falk was 83.

Psst My favorite Falk role was the In-Laws, he was hilarious.


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Rest In Peace Jon Blake

Many might not remember the young up and coming Australian actor Jon Blake, because his acting career was cut short following a horrific car accident in 1986. Being heralded as the “next Mel Gibson” Blake was involved in a horrific car accident following the Lighthorsemen wrap party which left him in a ‘near-vegetative state’. For 25 years he remained in a‘near-vegetative state’ with his devoted mother, then loving son caring for him. Sadly, at the age of 52 Jon Blake passed away.


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RIP Jackie Cooper

Remember child actor Jackie cooper who miraculous managed to continue his career into adulthood? Well, sadly he passed away at the age of 88. He joined the cast of Our Gang in 1929 and  was later nominated for an Academy Award at the age of 9 for his role in the movie Skippy. In later years he became a  director for such TV shows as MASH . During the 1970’s and 80’s he played the role of Perry White the news editor for the Daily Planet in the Superman movies starring the late Christopher Reeves.


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