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Are You Sure You’re a Doctor?

OK loons, how do you know if your doctor is a fake? Hmm, well for starters, when he uses toothpicks to do acupuncture on you and then gives you  a bottle of ‘Prosperous Farmer Dietary Supplements’ that expired in 2002. The victim claims he went to the so-called Chicago clinic after seeing an advert in a Bulgarian newspaper. Hmm, the fact that there wasn’t any receptionist or patients should have been the first hint!  Then the piece de resistance , following the medical exam,  the victim paid him  $200 despite being toothpicked .

Wants sauce with that?


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Watch Out For These Little Pricks

OK, here’s the thing people contemplating having acupuncture, just remember if any of the needles are dirty you could catch a bacterial infection which could lead to joint destruction, multi-organ failure, flesh-eating disease and paralysis. I’m just saying! Hmm, don’t believe me? Read this at BBC.


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