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Project Consent

Well these can’t be unseen. New children’s ad campaign about sexual consent …. you have been warned



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Ad Campaign Fail

Seriously Convar Deutschland ? A German technology company sent out 40 packages  to businesses, embassies and a newsroom on Friday as part of  their ad campaign . Problem was, inside each box was an alarm clock glued to hard drive with a note that read “Your time is running out.”Enter friggin bomb squads…police…counsel workers. The chaos that ensued was enough to make Orson Wells proud. From Berlin to Bonn terrified workers were ringing police and buildings were being evacuated. Evidently the packages were intended to raise awareness of the dangers of losing data. Whoops!

Want sauce with that?


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Legend Bro

Blahahaha, Kiwis have an awesome anti drinking driving  ad campaign bro.


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No Colorado, There Is No Poop Fairy

Attention people in Colorado, the Jefferson County would like to remind their residents that there is no “Poop Fairy” thank you very much! Meaning? Owners of dogs….clean up your own shit OK!!!


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