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Is That A Gun In Your Pocket or Are…..Never Mind!

Look away men, this could bring a tear. A New York man suffering priapism, which causes painful erections lasting up to 6 hours at a time, has been arrested for trying to steal money from his dad. Reason? He was desperate for painkillers to give him some friggin relief. David Miller broke into his dad’s New York apartment, pulled a knife and demanded money. In response dad said “no” and rang police. Now David is in jail for burglary and attempted robbery, waiting for his dad to bail him out. Seems the poor guy has become addicted to oxycodone and painkillers.

Psst Maybe if he got a really, really, ugly girlfriend….ah never mind!

Want sauce with that?


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Who’s a Chump Now?

One chain smoking piss pot!

The best place for a beer drinking , cigarette smoking chimpanzee is friggin rehab. Zhora an ex-circus monkey from Russia has become so addicted to alcohol and nicotine he would pester people for a puff or a swig. Now concerned zookeepers have decided the best place for Zhora is rehab. Hmm, better late than never!


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