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Now There’s A Painting From Hell

HitlerAnyone interested in purchasing a painting my Adolph Hitler? Yep, the Nazi painted, who knew? (actually I do recall reading about it in history class, but that was a looooong time ago). Anywho,if anyone wants some bad karma hanging off their wall, “The Old Town Hall” is up for grabs at a Nuremburg auction house next month.


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Hitler Lived In Argentina After The War

A new book about to be released is claiming Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun didn’t commit suicide in a German bunker in 1945 like they would have us believe. Nope, instead they were smuggled out of Germany by the US in exchange for Nazi war technology. Even Stalin, Eisenhower and Hoover (FBI) all knew there was no proof Hitler killed himself in the bunker,”  Ah yes, but what about Hitler’s skull fragments ? They are believed to be those of a woman. Hitler and Eva lived out their years in Argentina with Adolph dying in 1962. Hmm, this rumor has been circulating for years however the two authors are claiming they have overwhelming proof  he died an old man in South America thanks in part to newly declassified documents and forensic tests.


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So Hilter was a Monorchic Bastard

Vhat, I have two

Vhat? I have two!

OK, Hitler having only one testicle was probably one of the worst kept secrets in modern history. Come on, ditties were written about his missing ball during World War II to lift British morale for goodness sakes. But at last a German Army medic has confirmed that it was really, really true, he had it blown off during the Battle of the Somme. Now you see this is where it gets interesting because I remember when I did history in high school I read that Hitler had an undescended testicle after having been butted in the balls by a goat as a child. OK, it wasn’t written in my history book but I remember finding an article about it (variations have it being bitten off by the nasty goat). However, war veteran Johan Jambor told his priest Franciszek Pawlar before he died that Hitler only had one ball (or was monorchic, the medical term). Who are you going to believe me or him? It was during World War I when the “screamer “(Hitler’s nickname) was injured during the Battle of the Somme and Jambor saw the blood, the injury and the missing testicle. Personally, I think he had no balls at all but that is besides the point. Jambor spent the later years of his life having nightmares over saving the Nazi dictator. Wanna hear the ditty…sing along if you know the words….

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