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You’re Going Home

Man's best friend

This story should warm the cockles of your heart.When Pfc. Colton Rusk was hit by a Taliban sniper while on tour of duty his faithful and inseparable companion, Marine dog Eli, rushed to his side and began guarding him.The 4 year old Labrador initially wouldn’t even allow fellow soldiers to come near. Sadly Rusk (20) died from his wounds. Last week, in a rare move, the US Military retired the beloved dog, who had served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, and handed him over to Rusk’s parents  so he can live out his days on a ranch in Orange Grove, Texas. After the handing over ceremony Rusk’s teary mom hugged Eli and whispered “You’re going home”.

Psst On Rusk’s Facebook page he wrote of Eli “Whatever is mine, is his.”


Want sauce with that?


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Racist Couple Denied Adoption In Italy

Nope, sorry, too dark!

OK, here’s the thing wannabe adoptive Italian parents, when you are filling out that application form I suggest never saying you don’t want no “dark skinned” children or the child protection agency might take you to court. Oh boy and then the magistrate will call you friggin racist and say you are unfit to adopt a child of any description ever! Sheez, I bet the couple rued the day they ever thought of adopting!

Psst Not to worry, Angelina will take them!


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