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Family Affair

embarrassedEgads, couple Adriana and Leandro, who had both been abandoned as babies, decided to each look for their birth mothers only to discover ….. you guessed it ….same mother. Oh no, brother and sis. The couple discovered the bizarre and creepy truth after the wife appeared on local radio requesting help to find her long lost mother. After tracking her down the radio station interviewed the pair and that is when her mother revealed she had also abandoned a son Leandro. Well that’s just awks. The couple have a six year old child together.

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Hercules The Hero Saint Bernard

Remember Hercules the St Bernard who chased a burglar out of his new owner’s house only 7 hours after being adopted from a dog shelter? Well, here’s his story ….


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Man’s Best Friend

This is MY home now!

An Ohio couple who rescued a Saint Bernard from a dog home to save it from being euthanizied are grateful they did.  7 hours after taking it home, Hercules saved their house from being burgled . Lee Littler had just taken Hercules outside when he suddenly began growling. A few minutes later a man came running out from the Littler’s basement. Hercules took off after him, nipping the suspected burglar on the ankle as he flew over a fence. Police later confirmed the man had cut the Littler’s phone and cable lines. Good doggie.


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Better Than Winning Lotto

Set another place at the table

We break into normal transmission to announce Oprah has discovered she has a secret half sister. Yep, seems Oprah’s mommy put Patricia up for adoption almost 50 years ago and didn’t tell no one. Man, it’s like finding out you’re related to Santa!


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Family Reunion With A Twist

Sheez, imagine hunting down your biological mother after 33 years to discover she is a bearded lady in a sideshow. Richard Lorenc, who was adopted as a baby,  wanted to know more about his family medical history after injuring his back, so he contacted Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. Six weeks later he was informed they had found her. The letter also mentioned that his mom was born a hermaphrodite and that she suffers from hypertrichosis (werewolf syndrome).You can read about the reunion here Bearded Lady Reunites With Long Lost Son.  An amazing read.


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Didn’t See That Coming

Oh crap, imagine tracking down your biological parents only to discover your dad is Charles Manson? No seriously that’s got to suck. Hmm, well that’s what happened to Matthew Roberts. Ooh and to make matters worse, he is the spitting image of him (minus the swastika on the forehead of course). So much for wanting to find out who you are and your family background. Mr Robert’s birth mother had revealed the truth about his father after he had tracked her down. She claims Manson had raped her during a drug fueled orgy and soon discovered she was pregnant. He is now worried he may have inherited some of his dad’s schizophrenia
Oh and if you were wondering, yes Mr Roberts has communicated with Manson through a series of letters and he says “He sends me weird stuff and always signs it with his swastika.”

Psst You can read the whole story here at The Sun.


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