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Friggin Vegetarians!

At least it wasn't because they were black!

Attention all vegetarians, if you are planning to adopt a child in Crete I suggested you put down your friggin tofu and start chomping on a steak. A vegetarian couple have been barred from adopting a child because of their eating habits.Seems authorities don’t wont no vegie  loving people denying children meat and fish.

Want soy sauce with that?


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Never Give A Hoarder A Pet Rat

Hope no one has shat in the toilet yet!

Attention loons, anyone interested in a pet rat? There are a 1,000 of them currently up for adoption after the TV show Hoarders unearthed the mischief of rodents in a unnamed hoaders home. See, it all started when some idiot gave the hoarder a friggin pregnant rat as a pet. Hello people, hoarders don’t need pets or anything that multiplies. Anywho, a neighbor rang the TV show after the rats had pretty much eaten his home and had begun frolicking on the property. When help arrived they discovered half an inch of rat droppings covering the entire house and a community of rats making happy in the wall insulation. Enter an 18 wheel truck which carted the plague to Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose. Now you can adopt a hoarder’s rodent. Anyone?


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Racist Couple Denied Adoption In Italy

Nope, sorry, too dark!

OK, here’s the thing wannabe adoptive Italian parents, when you are filling out that application form I suggest never saying you don’t want no “dark skinned” children or the child protection agency might take you to court. Oh boy and then the magistrate will call you friggin racist and say you are unfit to adopt a child of any description ever! Sheez, I bet the couple rued the day they ever thought of adopting!

Psst Not to worry, Angelina will take them!


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WTF Mom!

Mom accused of having sex with son OK people here’s the thing, if you give up your son for adoption don’t be tracking him down on the Internet 10 years later and have sex with him. No lady wrong, wrong, wrong, a hug would be suffice. Aimee Louise Sword is maintaining her innocence after Child Protective Services informed the police of the alleged sexual accusations. Here is hoping it is all one  big misunderstanding!

Psst This could be a case of bad mom/ good son or good mom/bad son or bad mom/bad son or good mom/good son/bad Child Protective Services !


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