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Lest We Forget

I can’t begin today without a mention of the 5 soldiers who Australia lost yesterday in Afghanistan. Three of those were shot at point plank range by a man “wearing an Afghan National Army uniform” and who was thought to be an ally. The other two were Australian special forces soldiers who were aboard a International Security Assistance Force helicopter when it crashed. To the families and loved ones, both prayers and thoughts.


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Assassination Attempt on US Defence Secretary

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta must be sweating bricks.  As his plane was about to touch down at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan today a vehicle drove onto the runway and went kaboom, in what is feared to be an attempted assassination. Hmm, I don’t think  Panetta’s visit to Afghanistan to quell fears over  the US soldier’s rampage has got off to a very good start.


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Rogue Soldier Kills 16

An American soldier is believed responsible for the carnage in an Afghanistan village which has left 16 dead, including women and children. The rogue soldier went from house to house at 3am shooting indiscriminately at people. The soldier has since been arrested but it leaves the US military with an enormous diplomatic nightmare.Thoughts and prayers for the Afghan community.



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Not The Best Choice of Tourist Destination


OK, here’s the thing Toronto man, you don’t go holidaying in Afghanistan while the US is still at war with the Taliban, because that’s a friggin kidnapping right there! Colin Rutherford has been held hostage by the Taliban since 2010 and the family are now trying to tee up a meeting with his captors via email “so we can work something out.” Hmm, I’m not sure they are the negotiating type? Anywho, seems the Canadian government have exhausted all avenues (seriously?). Colin went for a two week sight seeing vacation and 14 months later he is still there. Come on, can’t someone help? Oh and don’t look at me, I think I still have a few fatwas out on me!


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Try a warmer climate next time!

OK people, guess how much money the US military spend on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan each year? That would be $20.2 billion, yes I said BILLION!

Psst That’s more than  NASA’s budget!

Want sauce with that?


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Veteran Shoots Parents

OK, here’s the thing, if your parents refuse to acknowledge you are the reincarnated Jesus what hope have you got of convincing the rest of the world? Zakariah Jacob Evitt from Indiana, a decorated Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, hadn’t slept for 6 days when he confronted his parents, claiming to be Jesus, before shooting them. He later fled the scene but was eventually  found by deputies who say he was verbally abusive “Every other word is the f-word, but that’s OK because he’s Jesus.” Goodness knows what horrors he witnessed to end up in this state. Fortunately both his parents are OK.

Psst I wonder what secret war vaccinations he had? I’m just saying!

Want sauce with that?


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Did Bin Laden Shrink?

Sheez, just when you thought you’d seen everything in twaddles a tiny terrorist dwarf with an AK-47 assault rifle slung over his shoulder.Yep, the mini Mujahideen, who looks strikingly like a miniature Bin Laden was filmed on the streets of Afghanistan.


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Marriage Proposal Fail

Attention all British soldiers serving in Afghanistan with a pregnant girlfriend named Samantha. If you happened to have left a marriage proposal message on her answering machine I have some bad news. It wasn’t her phone. Wrong number mister. Diane Potts from northern England received the heart felt message in which the soldier said “Don’t ever forget I love you, I love you so much, I love you with all my heart and I was going to ask you, don’t answer, obviously you can’t answer, but will you marry me?”. The soldier also talks of losing one of his mates to a roadside bomb before hanging up. Mrs Potts is anxious to pass on the 90 second message, so if you are out there, can you please ring the wrong number again!

Psst This could be a hoax

Want sauce with that?

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Wedding Fail

Holy mud brick house Batman. Over 65 people have died during a wedding in a remote area of Afghanistan after the top floor of a mud brick house collapsed. Most of the dead were women and children. The provincial Governor said “People don’t build such strong houses as they do in the city,” Hmm, no shit Sherlock!  I’m guessing the honeymoon is pretty much over!

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Gang Culture In The Military

OK, hand over your purse lady!

OK people no need for alarm but a Chicago cop who served in Iraq and Afghanistan says there is a growing gang culture in the military and we need to get ready for gang members coming home with military training. Yep, he claims the Bagram Air Base is friggin covered in Chicago gang graffiti and not just from one gang,  from several. The concern is when they return home and back to gang life they will be equipped with military tactics that they can ( and most probably will) use against police, other gangs and the public. Rambo!

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