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Air France Black Box Rumors

OK, remember the Air France 447 plane that suddenly dropped out of the sky in 2009 over the Atlantic for no apparent reason? Hmm, well they have finally retrieved the black box and guess what? Rumor has it there was no pilot in the cockpit!!!! He can be allegedly heard rushing into the cockpit and yelling instructions to the co-pilots in an attempt to save the plane after it struck trouble. Oooh but before you go blame gaming the cause of the crash was more than likely due to ice crystals clogging up the pitot tube (instrument that measures airspeed) when they flew into bad weather.

Want sauce with that?

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A Little Lost!

Whoops, Bolivian TV channel PAT thought they had the scoop of the century when they broadcast images of the last moments of the Air France flight 447 as it broke up over the Atlantic. The stills reportedly came from a passenger’s Casio Z750 camera which was recovered from the crash scene. Hmm, close, they were photos alright, but they weren’t from the doomed airline but from the TV series Lost. Oh yes, they fell for the old hoax email trick. Embarrassed much?

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As Fate Would Have It!

Oh no, sad story alert. Remember the Italian woman, Johanna Ganthaler and her hubby Kurt, who arrived late and missed that fatal Air France flight from Brazil to Paris? Well it seems Mrs Ganthaler has been killed in a car accident.The accident happened after the couple decided to rent a car in Germany and drive back home to Italy.Geez, I hope it wasn’t to avaoid flying!  Her husband still remains in a critical condition.

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Where Did It Friggin Go?

Still unaccounted for!

Still unaccounted for!

What happened to Air France Flight 447?  With today’s technology you would have thought they would have picked up the bleeping beacon pretty damn quick, but alas no. Maybe send a sub with sonar but alas no. And pray tell why isn’t Google Earth entering the search, throw a satellite over the area and snap away.Come on people it is 2009 chuck a GPS in the black box for goodness sakes! New reports coming out of Brazil are now claiming the wreckage previously thought to belong to the doomed aircraft was simply sea junk (don’t get me Al Gored on that!) and that oil slick… hmm, ships!  It doesn’t help the mystery when 12 other planes, who were flying the same air route around the same time,  did not report any problems with weather conditions. Why was there no distress call, I have watched enough Air Crash Investigations to know at least the pilot has enough time to do that! Air France have now confirmed 24 error messages were sent as the systems closed down one by one. Then there is the woman in England whose husband was on the flight, she still carried hope he was  alive because his cell phone continued to ring long after the plane had disappeared over the Atlantic.
Suggested theories flying around the internet
1. Possibly hit by a meteor: discarded after another plane witnessed white flash of light
2. Bomb : despite everyone and their dog ruling out a terrorist attack we can’t help but question it, especially after Air France admitted receiving bomb  threats a few days before the incident.
3. Struck by lightning: Every expert and their dog have been on CNN,FOX, BBC and SKY ruling out that a strike alone would not be enough to bring down a plane.
4. Catastrophic Failure or simply a series of unfortunate events: Air France are being vary careful not to implicate the plane or pilot error until some debris or black box is found.
5. A UFO took the plane : Why? It isn’t like we got better technology than them.Aliens on an airbus..I don’t think so! Hmm, but if the plane had chucked a left, they may have found themselves in the Bermuda Triangle and that is a whole other story.

And so what are they saying on Twitter? One tweet asked David Copperfield to quit messing around, while another thinks they are probably on some deserted island fending off dinosaurs!

What is most disconcerting is that no one is officially dead until they find wreckage!

UPDATE: Conspiracy theorists back in your boxes the wreckage of Flight 447 has been found and also several bodies.


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