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They Weren’t What?

Probably not the words you want to hear, but crash investigators have concluded that the pilots of the doomed Air France which crashed into the Atlantic in 2009 (killing 228 souls) were not trained to handle the jet when it stalled. Well that’s just dandy isn’t it? The report claims “Neither of the pilots formally identified the stall situation” despite the plane started dropping and the friggin  alarm ringing for nearly a minute. Meanwhile in Air France’s camp they are saying fooey, the problem was the stall alarm malfunctioned and that their pilots showed “courage and determination in these extreme conditions,” Tough call but I think I am going for Team – Crash Investigators on this one!

Psst Air France could face manslaughter charges in connection with the crash

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Air France Black Box Rumors

OK, remember the Air France 447 plane that suddenly dropped out of the sky in 2009 over the Atlantic for no apparent reason? Hmm, well they have finally retrieved the black box and guess what? Rumor has it there was no pilot in the cockpit!!!! He can be allegedly heard rushing into the cockpit and yelling instructions to the co-pilots in an attempt to save the plane after it struck trouble. Oooh but before you go blame gaming the cause of the crash was more than likely due to ice crystals clogging up the pitot tube (instrument that measures airspeed) when they flew into bad weather.

Want sauce with that?

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The Devil Wears Hermes

Stripes make my bum look fat!

No, no,stripes make my derriere look fat!

You know maybe it’s a good thing if they throw Mathias Guerrand-Hermes into the slammer for a few years. Do away with those dreadful drab orange jumpsuits and get something more fashionable for our incarcerated unfortunates.Mathias (heir to the Hermes fashion empire), bless his soul, took it upon himself to attack an Air France pilot whilst on his way to New York. Gosh, don’t you wish you could get your hands on the captain’s crotch? Hmm, I guess one should never mix Propofan with alcohol. It took three flight attendants and the captain to restrain the fashion heir before they handcuffed, shackled and tied him to his first class seat. In flight entertainment I guess! I am sure that the judge will see it as just a complete misunderstanding. What’s wrong with perching yourself on the armrest and harassing a female passenger. Gosh, that’s what polo playing socialites do. Mathias Guerrand-Hermes faces up to 20 years in one permanent outfit (basic blue or jumpsuit orange!).
I think handcuffing and shackling him into an economy seat would have been punishment enough! No word on how the Captain’s groin is fairing!

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