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Nothing Worse Than a Clumsy Co Pilot

You know what I hate? When a  friggin clumsy co-pilot knocks the control column  while adjusting his seat, sending the plane plunging 2,000m and then refuses to let the pilot into the cockpit because he’s in  a panic. I really friggin hate that. The Air India incident happened when the pilot went off to take a leak. Luckily for the 113 “WTFing” passengers the pilot was able to use an emergency code to get back into the cockpit and bitch slap the dumbass before getting the plane out of the nosedive.


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Eight Survivors of Air India Crash

It is being reported 8 people have survived the Air India Boeing 737 plane crash. The plane, which was coming into land at Mangalore Airport today, over shot the runaway and pretty much went disintegrated.158 passengers are still unaccounted for and feared dead. This is the second big air disaster in less than two weeks. Last week an Airbus crashed coming into land at the Tripoli Airport in Libya with only one young boy surviving. Karnataka Home Minister, V.S. Acharya, told awaiting media “This is a major calamity,” . Hmm, ya think? Early reports say the plane split in two after landing safely. Egads!!!


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A Recipe For Disaster

An Air India plane which was on its way to Germany was forced to return to Mumbai airport after the cockpit lights began flashing, warning of a fire in the cargo hold. When the plane landed it was immediately evacuated as ground crew looked for the source of the fire. OK, which passenger had 3kg of curry powder in their luggage? After an intensive search engineers believe that particles from a bag of curry powder had triggered the alert. That was a nice 12 hour delay!

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