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Why Eviryone Luvs Air New Zealind Commircials

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Middle Earth Eh Bro

Another epic Air New Zealand safety video ….

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Hobbit Air

Those Kiwis can’t even fly…..


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This Is Your Captain Speaking, Are There Any Bird Watchers On This Flight?

Bravo to the crew and passengers of the Air Canada and Air New Zealand planes who helped in the rescue of a stranded yachtsman, Glenn Ey. When Ey’s mast snapped in stormy seas off the coast of Australia, the two planes , which were heading to Sydney, were asked to help spot him. Around seven passengers, who for some reason had binoculars with them, spied the distressed yacht. The Air Canada pilot swooped down to 5,000ft to check if Glenn Ey was OK before sending info to the rescue party.

Psst When Glenn Ey touched down on Terra Firma he thanked everyone profusely before adding “I’d like to go to a bakery and get a custard tart and a milkshake.”

Want sauce with that?


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Richard Simmons Joins Mile High Club

Richard Simmons is the new voice of Air New Zealand…..it’s enough to make you jump!


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Could You Make Me Want My Airline Dinner Anymore?

Come on people, we wash them thoroughly

WTF, news just in, Air New Zealand reuses it’s plastic cutlery up to 10 times before they are chucked away.Oh wait, but there is more, Qantas reportedly use their plastic knives, forks and spoons up to 30 times. Hmm, I’m sorry, but when my cutlery comes in sealed plastic bag, I’m assuming they are brand spanking new.


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