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Trainwreck At The Airport

Oh for the love of flying. When a pilot got no response from an Arkansas airport traffic control tower he called it in. Seems the air traffic control guy was pissed as a squirrel, passed out on a chair, wearing a robe and slippers. Awww, don’t wake him….he’s sleeping it off, bless.


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Child Directs Air Traffic Over The New York Skies

OK, here’s the thing air traffic controller man, when you take your precious snowflake to work don’t be letting him direct air traffic over the skies of New York. Geez, they are nervous enough as it is! Oh boy, now you are in deep shit, the US Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the incident in the control tower at JFK International Airport. Run Glenn Duffy, friggin run! Evidently Mr Duffy also let another little kid interact with pilots the following night. Lets just hope his “lapse in judgment” doesn’t find him on the unemployment line because there ain’t too many employers looking for dumbassed air traffic controllers these days. Oh except maybe in Sudan.


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