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Hyundai Has Some recalling to Do

If you sit in the passenger seat of a Hyundai Fanta Fe SUV and weigh less than 130lbs there is probably a good chance you’ll be the only one smarting during an accident. Seems those friggin airbags won’t deploy unless you’re fat. Oh and if you happen to own a new Sonata sedan you might get kabooomed occasionally as they have a side air bag malfunction which causes them to deploy without warning.


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Airbags For the Elderly

Granny! Will you stop it. It isn't funny anymore.

Granny! Will you stop it. It isn't funny anymore.

Ever wondered what to get your granny for Christmas? Problem solved, get her an airbag. Imagine, you’ll never have to worry about her falling over ever again. This little 2.5lb pouch contains a cushion which inflates when it detects a sudden falling movement. As soon as granny takes a tumble, 15 litres of compressed air injects into inflatable pads to create the big cushion protecting her head and butt (but not her dignity). Only hitch is, granny has to fall backwards for the device to work, forward and she is on her own. Prop is the Japanese company behind this new invention and they say “the invention was targeted at old people with epilepsy” (hmm nice small niche). However if you are interest, airbagging your granny doesn’t come cheap, the device is retailing at around $1500. Your can inquire here at PROP Inc Japan (I think?).

Wanna see how it works?…


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