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UFO Nearly Takes Out An Airbus

UFO nearly collides with passenger planeIf anyone knows what is yellow and blue and can fly 35,000ft, two Glasgow pilots want a word. The pilots were flying an Airbus 320 over Scotland, with 200 passengers on board, when the unidentified flying object came within meters of the plane.  The object came at them so fast they had no time to dodge the thing but luckily  it whizzed under the plane. It was a perfect sunny day and both pilots saw the object very clearly but when they radioed Glasgow Airport control tower to report the incident the tower claimed they had nothing on their radar. Hmm, yellow and blue? Sounds like the aliens are getting rather lavish with their spaceship designs in their old age.


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Qantas and the Big Bang

You know what I hate? When a Qantas super jumbo’s engine explodes and metal rains down from the sky over Indonesia (including the Qantas “flying kangaroo” emblem). I really friggin hate that. Passengers aboard the Airbus 380 were WTFing about six minutes after taking off from Singapore when a massive kaboom rattled the cabin. They alerted cabin staff who notified the pilot.Eyewitnesses on the ground said they heard a loud explosion and then saw metal falling from the sky.It is believed an engine exploded. All Qantas A380 aircrafts have been suspended until further notice.

Psst The plane landed safely back at Singapore airport to the relief of the  433 passengers and 26 crew.


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Not The Best Place To Sleep It Off!

Oh for goodness sakes, how many times do I have to tell you not to sleep inside a friggin airplane engine? A drunk man has been found sleeping it off in the engine of an Indian Airlines Airbus A-320 as it was preparing to take off at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi . Luckily for the guy one of the staff noticed his leg dangling from the rear of the engine. When confronted the man told them he was really hot and decided to sleep behind the big fan.

Psst OK, is anyone like me concerned about airport security in India?


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Gee, Landing Is Going To Be A Bitch

OK, if a standing passenger falls during turbulence, leave them!

OK, if a standing passenger falls during turbulence, leave them!

Wanna buy really cheap airline tickets? Now I am talking really cheap! The one catch is…you gotta stand! Chinese airline Spring Airlines have submitted a proposal to sell standing room only tickets on some of their flights. The idea even has the backing of China’s vice premier Zhang Dejiang who was the genius who originally came up with the idea.  And get this, even Airbus have given the idea the thumbs up.People who buy the standing only tickets will not be allowed a seat, luggage consignment, food or water and will probably be asked to move when the food trolley arrives . Hmm, so let me get this right, the sitting passengers will have to put up with the cheap stakes towering over them trying to watch their movie. Not to mention butts in faces, smelly armpits, seat envy looks, sneezing and occasional passing of gas.Oh and don’t get me started with the toilets, that’s where these interlopers will be placing their asses no doubt.

Psst And what if a granny buys a standing seat…then what?


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