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Flying Beavers

Look away PETA, look away. Evidently in the 1940s the best way to relocate a beaver was to airlift and parachute them into their new home. That’s right folks…parachuting beavers. Hmm, Mr Beaver is like WTF?

PSST I’m not sure if “mountain meadows” is code for …. to their deaths.

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doctor_rushing_patient_on_gurney_lg_whtOMG, the two Americans struck down with the Ebola virus are being flown to Atlanta, Georgia, for treatment. Talk about making a third world problem a first world one. Lets just hope that plane doesn’t crash.  Again, why would you risk lives of others for a disease that is currently contained ?  Wouldn’t it be smarter to send medics to treat them where they are?

Psst Wasn’t there serious breaches in US infectious diseases labs recently?


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